Looking for a roofing contractor to fix your roof leak or replace it entirely? A discount, bargain, or the lowest price might sound tempting. You are not alone! Many homeowners start their search with the primary focus of the price, and they often lean toward the cheap roofing contractors they can find in their area. While this approach seems understandable, it isn’t always practical.

As we don’t trust cheap medicines or bargain with the doctor for an operation, the same rule applies here. A cheap service can make our problem worse. When you hire roofing contractors, it’s crucial to consider their skill level and the quality of materials they use.

While a low-cost roofing quote might seem like an effective way to save some bucks, it’s equally important to check the quality of work and materials. Overlooking these aspects can lead to numerous problems and risks in the future.

Being a well-known and certified roofing company  in Knoxville, we understand the importance of quality materials and service. In this article, we will share some risks of hiring cheap roofing contractors and explain why choosing a roofer based only on the price might not be the best decision for your roof in the long run.

7 Risks of Working With Cheap Roofing Contractors

Here are the risks that you need to consider before you hire a cheap roofer.

Low-Quality Work From A Bad Roofer

The first and most important risk of hiring a cheap roofing contractor, is you put yourself in a place where a bad roofer can attract you. Once the roofer finds out that you need a cheap solution, he will offer you the lowest price to undercut the reputable roofing contractors. To offer the service at the cheapest rate, a budget-focused contractor may compromise on quality. 

He might use low-quality materials and cheap labor that don’t meet high-performance standards or, in more concerning cases, choose improper installation methods. While these things, in fact, were the necessities of a strong, secure, and long-lasting roof. 

To help you stay aware of potential roofing pitfalls, let’s understand some cost-cutting tactics these contractors might use.

Substandard Roof Components

When you invest in a roofing system, you are paying money for quality work, materials, and components. However, when choosing the cheapest roofing company, you risk compromising your roof’s quality. To cut down the cost, such contractors may skip the crucial steps like installing new drip edges or underlayment.

Additionally, they might reuse the existing flashing from your previous roof to boost their profits. This shortcut prevents them from installing new, perfectly fitted flashing– a job requiring skilled roofers. However, it also means you’re left with older flashing, which might only be a temporary fix.

Missing these key parts can lead to roof leaks and more problems for you later. In short, going for cheap roofing can cost you more in the long run.

Bait-and-Switch Material Tactics

It’s important to be wary of bait-and-switch strategies in roofing materials. Certain contractors may promise high-quality materials but substitute them with substandard products to boost profits. For example, you might select premium shingles for your project, only to find that the cheap roofing contractors have replaced them with similar-looking but inferior-quality shingles.

Nailing Standards Compromised

A crucial factor in shingle installation is the number of nails used per shingle. For a roof to be properly secured and to meet manufacturer warranty standards, a minimum of six nails roofing per shingle is typically required. Skimping on this can significantly compromise the roof’s durability and integrity.

Inexperienced Labor

One of the most common tactics to keep down the cost used by these roofers is hiring inexperienced roofers at a cheap cost. This will result in poor techniques and skills in the workmanship, increasing the chances of future roofing problems and, eventually, a full roof replacement.

To ensure you’re making a well-informed decision, it’s crucial to thoroughly examine the details in your roofing estimate. Insist on clarity and a commitment to high-quality standards. This approach will help ensure your roof is durable and built to last.

Spending More Money in The Long Run

A cheap roofing service can cost you more in the long run; here is how:

  • The low-quality roofing materials installed on your roof don’t last longer, and you will have to replace them soon. Thus, it will ultimately create more expenses.
  • If the roof is not properly installed, it can result in leaks which will damage the interior, furniture, or appliances. Fixing or repairing them will also be costly.
  • In case of heavy rain or storm, a damaged roof cannot be considered safe for your family or kids at all.

However, each company has its own way of finding resources and materials, so the cheapest option is not always a red flag; therefore, checking materials and work quality is the best way to find the best solution.

The Surprise of Hidden Fees

With cheap roofing, you might face hidden fees that weren’t part of the initial quote. This can happen often in roofing deals. For example, you might get a good price for the roof installation but then get extra charges for some essential things like removing old wood or debris.

To avoid these surprises, always ask the roofers about all the fees before you hire them. Make sure everything is written down in the estimate. It’s important to ask questions and clarify that the price they give you includes everything.

You Will Lose on Roofing Warranties

When you opt for roof replacement, you generally receive two warranties: one from the contractor for their workmanship and another from the manufacturer for the materials. If you use the manufacturer’s complete roofing system, you might be eligible for an extended warranty, which can cover labor and materials for up to 50 years.

However, choosing a cheap roofing contractor often means you might miss out on this extended warranty. Even if you do qualify, there’s a risk it could be voided due to improper installation. Typically, with low-cost contractors, you’re left to rely on their workmanship warranty, which can be limited. This might range from a very short-term warranty to a maximum of five years.

Budget contractors are less likely to offer long-term warranties because they may anticipate future problems with the roof. They aim to cover the warranty period without dealing with major roof failures.

When looking for affordable contractors, ask about the length and coverage of their warranty. A reputable company will be clear about what their warranty includes, helping you understand your level of protection.

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Cheap Roofing Contractors Might Disappear

It’s important to assess the risks when you are choosing newer roofing companies with low prices. The newer and more affordable companies might not have the required experience to understand how to price the roofing jobs correctly. 

Such inexperience doesn’t last long and can impact their financial stability, especially in maintaining sufficient earnings during slower seasons, like winter. In such situations, there is a risk that these companies might unexpectedly shut down, leaving your roof investment unprotected in the long term. 

While not all new roofing companies face these issues, it’s a crucial point to consider. Looking ahead, you obviously want assurance that the roofing company you choose will be available to address any urgent roof repair issues that may arise. 

Opting for a well-established, local roofing contractor is advisable for reliable roofing solutions. Contractors with a proven track record and experience in accurately pricing roofing jobs offer more security and consistent support for your roofing needs.

Your Property May Get Damaged

Contractors prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction usually take extensive precautions to protect your home and belongings. For instance, during roof removal and installation, it’s common for debris to fall on areas like patios and decks. Contractors committed to high standards will typically help move outdoor furniture, plants, and other items to avoid damage.

In contrast, a contractor who cuts costs by hiring inexpensive labor may not pay as much attention to these important protective measures. Their rush to get the job done fast, a common trait among budget contractors, can result in less careful work, which could endanger your property.

Your Roof Won’t Last its Expected Lifespan

When you hire low-cost roofing contractors mainly for their low pricing, it’s almost certain that your roof will not last as long as initially anticipated. For example, consider a high-quality architectural asphalt shingle roof, typically known for its 30-year lifespan. If you go with the cheapest roofing contractor, you won’t achieve this extended lifespan. 

The issue here is that lower-cost options usually involve substandard materials and labor. This leads to many problems, from poor installation practices to using lower-grade shingles. Such shortcuts can result in issues not immediately noticeable, like inadequate sealing or ventilation. Over time, however, these problems can manifest as leaks or structural damage, significantly shortening the life of your roof.

Choose a Trusted Knoxville Roofing Company for Affordable Roofing Solutions

Choose a Trusted Knoxville Roofing Company for Affordable Roofing Solutions

Understanding the drawbacks of working with cheap roofers near me is crucial. Awareness of these risks ensures you don’t invest in a roof that falls short of its potential. The smarter option is to go with a reputable and professional roofing company. 

In Knoxville, Roof Repair Specialist has been providing high-quality, affordable roof repair and replacement services for over ten years. Our certified team is ready to tackle various roofing challenges professionally and skillfully. 

Whether it’s small fixes or major renovations, We are here to deliver the best roofing solutions for your needs!